Introduction 簡介

Style Awards will be given to recognize students who have demonstrated some form of artistic flair and originality in creating a single digital content that highlights interesting aspects related to one or all of the tasks in the Computer Science Challenge. The digital content should be uploaded via comments to a post on CS Challenge Facebook Page before 5 p.m., 23rd May 2018 (Wednesday).



Guidelines 指引

The post calling for Style Awards Submission will be posted on CS Challenge Facebook Page on 14th May 2018 (Monday). Each participating team submits only once and should input clearly the name of their schools and the team nickname stated in the comment box of that post (starting with ‘[Style Awards]‘) on CS Challenge Facebook Page along with the digital content. The digital content can be one of the following three elements:

  • A photo image (size less than 2MB)
  • A video of 20 seconds duration (videos longer than that will not qualify)
  • Text (can be written in English or Chinese, not more than 2000 characters)

參賽隊伍將透過留言功能把作品上載到電腦科學大挑戰的facebook,相關的帖子將於2018年5月14日(星期一)發佈。各參賽隊伍只可提交一份作品,請清晰註明隊伍所屬的學校及隊伍名稱(參考﹕[Style Awards]_School name_Team name)。作品的數碼內容形式如下﹕
– 照片(不大於2MB)
– 短片(20秒或以下)
– 文字(中英皆可,不超過2,000個字元)


Judging criteria 評審準則

The Style Awards finalists will be selected and judged by URPhoto and the CS Department’s CS Challenge Organizing Team. The judging criteria are novelty and originality of the artistic flair expression related to the Computer Science Challenge tasks. All judging decisions are final.

型格奬的評審為贊助商UR Photo代表及電腦科學大挑戰的主辦單位,就各參賽作品在新穎性、原創性、藝術表達形式和主題表現進行評分。評審擁有最終決定權。


Prizes 奬項

The Style Awards are sponsored by URPhoto.

型格奬由UR Photo贊助。

  • 1st Place      第一名    HK$1,200 Cash Prize per team 現金奬港幣$1,200元
  • 2nd Place     第二名    HK$1,000 Cash Prize per team 現金奬港幣$1,000元
  • 3rd Place      第三名    HK$800 Cash Prize per team 現金奬港幣$800元

All winners will be given a photo mug with a team photo on it.