Several Style Awards will be given to recognize students who have demonstrated some form of artistic flair and originality in creating a single digital content that highlights interesting aspects related to one or all of the tasks in the Computer Science Challenge. The top Style Award is a cash prize and all selected finalists will be given a photo mug with a team photo on one side and a CityU Computer Science Challenge 2017 logo + URPhoto logo on the other side with the award text, e.g., “1st Place Style Award”. The digital content should be uploaded via comments to a post on CS Challenge Facebook Page on May 20th 2017 (Saturday) before 12PM noon of that day.



The post calling for Style Awards Submission will be posted on CS Challenge Facebook Page only on May 20th 2017 (Saturday). Each participating team submits only once and should input clearly the name of their schools and the team nickname stated in the comment box of that post (starting with ‘[Style Awards]‘) on CS Challenge Facebook Page on May 20th 2017 before 12PM noon of that day along with the digital content. The digital content can be one of the following three elements:

  • A photo image (size less than 2MB)
  • A video of 20 seconds duration long (videos longer than that will not qualify)
  • Text (can be written in English or Chinese, not more than 2000 characters)

For example, students can submit a photo image taken by smartphones of an artistic drawing or a video of team members saying something interesting or showing off interesting aspects of the CS Challenge tasks (e.g. the mobile app games or mBot cars blinking LEDs), or a text composing an artistic narrative, a poem etc.


Judging criteria

The CS Style Awards finalisits will be selected and judged by URPhoto and the CS Department’s CS Challenge Organizing Team during the Award Ceremony. The judging criteria is novelty and originality of the artistic flair expression related to the Computer Science Challenge tasks. All judging decisions are final.


Prize information

The Style Awards are sponsored by URPhoto.

  • 1st Place      HK$1,200 Cash Prize per team
  • 2nd Place     HK$1,000 Cash Prize per team
  • 3rd Place         HK$800 Cash Prize per team

All selected finalists will be given a photo mug with a team photo on it.