Highlights of CS Challenge 2017



Computer Science Challenge (CSC) is a fun eSport-like game tournament for secondary school students with an interest in computer science. It is an opportunity for students to test their ability and knowledge in different areas of computer science. Students learn computer programming and also play to learn computer science and mathematics!


Date:    27th April, 2019 (Saturday)

Time:    9:00am - 11:50am

Venue:  Chan Kei Biu Lecture Theatre (LT-6),
           Floor 4, Yeung Kin Man Academic Building,
           City University of Hong Kong (map)


1. Team competition with 2 students per team.
2. Each school can nominate 2 teams.
3. Participating teams will compete in the following 1 task:

日期: 2019年4月27日 (六)

時間: 上午9時 - 11時50分

地點: 香港城市大學楊建文學術樓四樓
          陳其鑣演講廳 (LT-6) (地圖)


1. 每隊由2名學生組成
2. 每間學校可以提名2
3. 參賽隊伍將會挑戰以下1項任務:

PolyMath App


On 26 April 2019, from 8am-5pm, students in a team representing their school log into the PolyMath App to complete the tasks in the "Computer Science Challenge" tab. Winning teams are notified on the day. On the next day 27 April morning, winning teams receive prizes and certificates at a presentation ceremony and also attend guest lectures on AI and innovation in computer science. Participants and their teachers and parents are welcome to attend.


1. Demonstration of skills and knowledge.
2. Approach to the task.
3. Time to produce the solution.
4. Accuracy of the solution.


於2019年4月26日,學校將派出學生組成參賽隊伍,以完成PolyMath App手機應用程式中位於"Computer Science Challenge"標籤所有任務為目標,全部勝出的參賽隊伍會在當天接受通知。於翌日2019年4月27日的頒獎典禮上,大會將頒發獎品予勝出的隊伍,並會舉辦AI及計算機科學創新的客座講座。歡迎參加者及其導師參與。


1. 相關技能及知識的展示
2. 完成任務的方法
3. 完成任務所需的時間
4. 任務結果的準確性


Teachers are required to register the team online on behalf of their students. The registration deadline is 12 noon, 20th April, 2019 (Saturday).

*By entering, teachers and students consent to participate in any publicity activity, which may include interviews either for film or print, photographs and press releases.


老師需要代學生於網上報名。報名截止日期為 2019年4月20日正午12時(星期六)